Engipress Reloaded

As everyone can see, Engipress has been completely revamped and redesigned.

While I enjoyed Engipress’s previous design, it just didn’t scream “Online Business”. So I’ve decided to give Engipress an entirely new look that’s business-friendly and incorporates the latest features of Wordpress, jQuery, among other web languages and features.

I’ve also added two new sections to the site, portfolios and testimonials. While these areas are still being fleshed out, I’m just waiting for previous clients’ permission to post them.

And lastly, you’ll also notice that the Engipress forums have been scrapped. They weren’t as popular as I had hoped, and I figured since I’m running a wordpress business, it’d be better to have all aspects of the site be powered by it. This also means that I have re-opened comments sections on blog posts, so if you ever had any feedback or suggestions you’d like to make on them, they are right there for your convenience.

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