Wordpress vs. WordPress

There’s a few ways you can enunciate the web application’s name:

  • Wordpress
  • WordPress
  • WP

To some, spelling might not be an important issue, however to others, it may be, and those that do take the level of professionalism that goes with it seriously. WP is a common abbreviation for the word, and nobody really makes a big deal about it, it’s short, and easy to type than the entire word.

I understand that the “official” Wordpress community spells it “WordPress” and that’s the way they state is should be correctly spelled. However, I use the former version, “Wordpress”.

And just so we’re clear, I personally choose to go the “Wordpress” route. I was never a really big fan of capitalizing letters in the middle of words, and it doesn’t take away from the quality of work Theme Designers, Plugin Developers, etc. do. Basically, I’m aware that Matt and the rest of the community officially spell it “WordPress”, and I decided to spell it differently.

So which way do you spell it? And how much of a difference does it make how it’s spelled?

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