Sick of the Internet Ads and the Residue they leave behind? Try this…

I’m not sure how many are aware of this possibility, and I haven’t heard much about ad blocking mentioned before, so I thought I’d share.

First things first, this solution requires using Mozilla Firefox as your primary web browser and the download of two add-on plugins. (Which are both very easy to install.)

For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m going to use a forum I have frequented occasionally, Webmaster-Talk.

With no plugins installed and on most other web browsers, this is what you’ll see:

Now in order to get rid of this messy heap of ads, here’s what to do:

Step 1)

Download the Firefox AdBlock Plus Extension:

Activate the plugin and this is the result you’ll see:

This will hide all those annoying ads and flashy graphics that tend to accompany them. Very Nice! But there’s still some empty space, primarily on the right side. Now I’ll tell you how to hide that too.

Step 2)

Download and activate the AdBlock Plus Element Hiding Helper:

Now there’s just a few more instructions to go. First, visit the menu by clicking on the “Select Element to Hide” option:

And select the proper HTML element you wish to hide. In this case, we want to hide the large Table Cell on the right:

Now you can name the filter whatever you wish, and then click on the “Add Filter Rule” option. Now the the HTML element is hidden from view and you can set your browsing preferences and viewing elements to whatever you wish! The end result looks rather nice:

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